Parallax or Arduino for beginner

Im fairly new to the world of mircocontrollers, what would you recommend as a good starter/intermediate controller, Parallax or Arduino? Just to make small fun projects.


Both the Parallax and Arduino platforms are great places to get started, each have their own strengths.

The Arduino has a wide user base, so you can find many different groups that can provide resources for the beginning programmer.

Parallax also has an excellent user base and a well supported forum with many project examples. They also produce a wide variety of products with examples of how they can be used with Parallax microcontrollers.

You might consider taking a look at some of the programming examples at each of their websites to see which platform best fits your programming style.


Thanks a lot for the information, I decided to start with the Arduino, and so far I really like it. I will probably try out Parallax later.