p207 gets stuck on port 0

when i am using the driver without servo on port 0 its okay.
if i connect a servo on port 0, the other servos start to shake and get stuck.
if then i remove the servo from this port, the other servos continue to move okay.
also, if port 0 is connected, sometimes i get a red blinking led

Is it a hardware problem ?
Is it under warranty ?



I am sorry you are having trouble with your Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller. Can you tell me more about your setup? What is your power arrangement? Also, is the problem only on port 0 or only with that one servo? (For example, what happens when you put only that servo you have on port 0 on different channels, and what happens when you put just one of the other servos on port 0?)

We do not have any explicit warranties, but we generally stand by our products and work with customers to resolve issues.

- Jon