P-Star Bootloader Download


if I have inadvertently destroyed or deliberately deleted the bootloader inside the PIC (the 18F25K50 on the P-Star 25K50 Micro), where can I get …

  • the binary (hex-file) of the bootloader to reprogram it, e. g. using a PICkit3?
  • the source code of the bootloader?

Best Regards,

Hello, Richard.

We do not release the bootloader for the P-Stars. If you are having trouble programming the P-Star 25K50 Micro, can you give more details on the problem? Are you able to run the bootloader? If you are not sure how, you can follow the instructions in the “Getting into bootloader mode” section of the P-Star User’s Guide.

- Amanda

Hello Amanada,

Thank you for your answer. I have a project, where - in preparation for migration to a target hardware, including time-critical behaviour after power-on - the PIC on the P-Star should run without any foreign bootloader. With the PICkit3 it is straight forward to erase the whole flash memory and program. But then the bootloader is lost, of course.

Now, if I wanted to have the bootloader back for another project, I would like to program the PIC with the original Pololu bootloader code. With the PICkit3 this would be straight forward.

I can understand if Pololu decides not to publish the source code. But Pololu’s decision not even to release a binary / hex file of the bootloader is a serious drawback.

Best regards,