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P-LOAD for P-Star 25K50


The documentation for the P-Star 25K50 says it will not work with XP. It also does not say it will work with Win 10. I have a Win 10 machine but would prefer to use XP. Anyone have a p-load that will work with XP?



Hello, Dan.

It sounds like you were looking at an older version of the P-Star 25K50 Micro User’s Guide, because the guide does state that the Pololu USB Bootloader Utility (p-load) is supported on Windows 10 under the “Supported operating systems” section. We have not heard of anyone who has gotten p-load to work on Windows XP.

- Amanda


Thanks,you are correct. I was looking at the PDF version from the web site. Section1.1 is different between the view online version and the PDF version.


Thanks for letting us know where you found the outdated information. We are working on updating the PDF.

- Amanda


I have another question about p-load. I have it working with Win 10. However, when I enter just the p-load command to get the menu options, the DOS screen appears and disappears in a flash. During downloads, it does the same thing. You have to look at it quickly. Is there a command to cause the DOS screen to stay up so I can read it?



Never mind, I just found --pause in GITHUB. That is what I wanted.



I’m glad you found the --pause option for p-load; thanks for letting us know!

- Amanda