OX2m644 _test Program unknown SPI.h error

Wasup everyone,

I am fairly new to the embedded systems, I have taken some course work but besides that I am new to robot design and programming; currently I have a Orangutan X2 with the VNH3 driver board, with LCD. I am currently working on a senrior design project, in which we must design an autonomous solar vehicle around an obsticle course, which has 4 basking lamps, the vehicle also has to have the ability to store enegry without the use of batteries, the vehicle will have to be able to know its state of charge and “turn itself on” in the design we will be using sharp IR sensors for obstile detection and a DC motor for purpolsion and a stepper motor to turn, the vehicle is goining to have to use all 8 ADC channels(6 IR sensors photodetector and SOC) also ( so we will have to break the connctions used on the last two ADC channels correct???), with all that said I have been playin with test programs and the latest one I have been trying to build and run is the OX2m644_test program and been having an error in which I cannot resolve myself; using AVR Studio 4 I include the missing SPI and LCD header and source files to the program and when i try to build the project to burn to the OX2 I get an error in the LCD.c source file complaining that the SPI.h file is not located where i told studio 4 to find the file, I am using the SPI v 1.01, maybe that might play a roll but not really sure. The code is print screened so you can view it all.

thanks in advance,

You will need to put SPI.h in the same directory as LCD.c in order for the ‘#include “SPI.h”’ directive in LCD.c to work.



Thanks for the quick response, that took care of that simple error.