Overprice delivery. Imposing express delivery

During the sales I ordered some components to Moscow. Everything came quickly. All right, the quality of the components no claims.
But bad sediment left by the fact that for express delivery took me 83 dollars, but on the box indicated the cost of $ 70.
In addition, if you choose regular delivery usps, the track code is not available. It is unclear why. All sellers on ebey in that case track code give …


I am sorry you had a bad experience with our shipping. We strive for our shipping charges to match the actual shipping cost, but estimating what the shipping cost will be at the time you check out is not easy; if you think your shipping charge was high, please email us your order information and we can look into it. Please note that you are also welcome to supply a shipping account number at checkout and we will send your package using that with no additional shipping or handling charges.

USPS tracking availability varies by shipping method and country. It is possible that you might get some limited tracking or delivery confirmation with some of the cheaper USPS options we offer, but we do not have a good way of knowing to what degree tracking is available for each order and we do not want customers to expect it, so we err on the side of caution with our warnings that certain shipping methods are not tracked.

- Ben