Overheating adjustable boost regulator 2.5-9 V

after i set it to to 6V output (and using 2 AA batteries, so i did some turning of that potentiometer) and working fine for a while it started getting hot without even putting any load on it and the output voltage is about 1V and not changing even when i am turning potentiometer.

i tried using just one AA as an input to test it and be able to turn the potentiometer freely (so not to have Vin > 2.5V but then the Vout is about 0.5 V and behaviour is the same (hot surface, no change while turning potentiometer.

any idea, what might have gone wrong? is the potentiometer damaged, or some of the SMD parts? if it would be just some of those cheap parts and i would have schematics i might be able to replaceā€¦ but i wasnt able to find it. can anyone help?

Hello, Miro.

I noticed that you have sent in a couple of e-mails along with this forum post. I have already responded to your e-mail, but if we find some information that might be helpful to other members of the forum, we will post that information here as well.