Over engineered light fixture robot

I’d like to start a project on a very over engineered light fixture . Essentially I want a light to follow me around the room… I have plans fit using a servo at the base to rotate a foot long neck 180° left and right. My other servo will be mounted vertically at the base if this neck and act as a joint for 180° forward and back giving it the ability to track 360° horizontal and the area if the room below it… What I want is for the servos to act together to follow my position around a room. Only thing I’m not sure if us the kind of sensors to use to track my position… I’ve thought about using an array of motion sensors but if two people are in the room I think utile freak out… So I thought of wiring in an ir receiver and carrying a small transmitter around with me but I’m worried about 1 the xmitter having interference or 2 me losing it…the only other option I can think of is having a camera wired in and programming it to recognize me… But then I think I’d need on board computing our a connection to off board… These are just ideas I’m running through right now… I Could use any help that’s offered… And if my explication confuses anybody I am sorry… I’d be happy to ed lain further with more feedback… I was hoping to run it off a single microcontroller.

Im typing this on my phone hence all the typos and autocorrects.