'OrangutanTime' has not been declared

I try to write my own class inherrit from PololuQTRSensorsRC

compilation fails with ‘OrangutanTime’ has not been declared
it points in OrangutanTime.h to that line
… I guess that I mess something up between C++ and C …

if I exchange that line with the daubi hack …compilation works
strange … not sure what is needed for help …(should I zip the whole project?
is not much …but just at the beginning …not finished)
and I fear it is a c++ newbee issue

static inline unsigned long toMicroseconds(unsigned long pulse)
		return OrangutanTime::ticksToMicroseconds(pulse);
		//daubi hack return ticks_to_microseconds(pulse);

Hello, daubi.

You probably just need to add

#include <pololu/OrangutanTime.h>

to the top of your file. If that doesn’t work then please post your entire code or just put your project in a zip file and post it here.


The #include was there but meanwhile I guess that somewhere a ifndef has blocked it … Not sure what has been the root cause. I was able to clean that up.