Orangutan X2 problems

Hi there!

Im writing here, because I’m at a loss…

Me and a couple of my pals bought some robot parts for a project, and since this is a first one for all of us, I was assigned to program the robot, since I have a lot of PHP and some other language experience.

So the problems started when I tried to connect the X2 to my pc. I downloaded all of the drivers, followed the instructions to the letter, but the computer did not register the new hardware, that I had just attached. What should I do, and what could be the causes of pc not “feeling” the X2?



I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems getting started with your X2. What operating system are you running? What makes you think the computer did not register the new hardware? Did it give you an error message about an unrecognized device?

- Ben

Im currently running Windows XP sp2.

The thing is, that when I connect or disconnect my X2, it shows no change whatsoever. No lights come on on the X2, no new hardware found message or anything.


Is your X2 powered and turned on (blue LED lit) when you plug it in?

This is probably going to sound silly, but as this is my first robot, I may ask this: does X2 take power from the USB connection, or do I need to attach some additional power source? Because right now it isnt working, and the Blue LED is not on.


The Orangutan X2 is not powered by USB. You’ll have to provide power externally.

- Jan