Orangutan X2 and Micro Serial Servo Controller

Looking for some details on interfacing the two subject items.

I would prefer to use the X2’s supplied UART commands (via the aux controller), but as I see it that interface is converted to USB.

Would it be best to do something like mentioned in this thread (2nd graphic): Micro serial servo controller and add the USB - Serial converter?

Yes, it seems redundant to go serial - usb - serial, but it doesn’t seem very easy to access the necessary pins to go directly serial (in addition to some other potential issues).

Ideas? My concern is that since the servo controller auto-senses the baud rate, and the converter needs some window environment to set the baud rate (?), there may not be an easy way to get thing talking?


By far the easiest course of action for you would be to use the mega644’s UART to interface with the serial servo controller. The mega644’s UART pins are PD0 (RX) and PD1 (TX), both of which are easily accessable via the X2’s 16x3 general I/O header. Can you elaborate upon the issues that make this option unattractive to you?

- Ben

That’s definitely the way to go. I can’t believe I missed that…wow.