Orangutan SVP pin questions


I just finished reading the Pololu Orangutan SVP User Guide. It was very well written. Thanks to whoever wrote that.

I have 2 questions:

  • Are the motor current sense outputs (CS1 and CS2) able to be read by the AVP directly, or do I need to physically wire them to two of the AVP’s analog inputs?

  • Does pushing one of the user pushbuttons interfere with writing to the LCD (since they share data lines PC2, PC3, PC5)?


Hello Mike.

The current sense outputs are not connected to the AVR by default, so you will need to wire them to the analog inputs of your choosing (any of the port A pins or the auxiliary inputs A, B, C, or D).

Pushing the user pushbutton pulls the I/O pin low through a resistor big enough to prevent the button state from affecting the LCD if you are trying to use that line to send data to or read data from the LCD. You don’t have to worry about button presses interfering with the LCD and vice versa, especially if you use the button and LCD routines in the Pololu AVR library.

- Ben

Cool, thanks!