Orangutan SVP 324 programing mode?

Is there a programing mode that I must set this unit to, some shorting strap to move or remove, before it will connect to the suggested software. Yes I’ve gone all through the COM port check and recheck thing, unloaded and reloaded all the requirements in order as found in the instructions. Reread all the pages of setup and requirements many times, over the last three weeks.The Green USB LED lights up when it’s connected. The computer plays it “oh boy I found something new” announcement music. I can play all the demo’s using the buttons on the unit and the music is mildly entertaining the first time. I know I have a LOT to learn, but I could use some help with the first step. Thanks for any help you may chose to offer.


No, the Orangutan SVP 324 does not have any special mode needed to program it. If you have trouble programming it, please let me know at which step it is failing for you and what you are seeing. Are you getting any error messages? Could you please tell me if you can you see the programmer in the device manager?