Orangutan SVP-1284 - can't get sample servo demo to run

Hello again. I am trying to experiment with my servos but I can’t seem to get them to work. I have a Hitec HS-422 (if that matters) hooked up to the servo-0 (which I am hoping is the same as “demux output 0”) connection on my svp-1284. I am running the “svp-one-servo” sample code exactly from the example pololu.com/docs/0J20/6.k

Nothing seems to happen when i push the buttons, other than the LCD display changing. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for the help, I am a bit in over my head.

How are you powering the servo? We ship the SVP with servo power jumpers disconnected so you will have to connect something to power your servos. Using the supplied jumpers, you can either power your servos from VCC (5 V) or from VADJ (after turning the VADJ trimpot to a voltage that is safe for your servos). You can also use a separate power supply altogether.

To see how the servo power lines work, refer to the Orangutan SVP Reference Diagram, found in the SVP Resources tab.


Ahh, I think I follow. Problem is, I wasn’t supplied any jumpers. Were they supposed to come with the card? I bought the fully assembled version.

Yes, the assembled version of the SVP is supposed to come with two blue shorting blocks (while the kit version comes with five):

I’m sorry that we forgot to send the jumpers to you with your SVP. If you contact us directly then we can ship them to you.

If you need a faster solution, you could get jumpers at a local Radioshack; just make sure they are 0.1" pitch.