Orangutan SV send data through USB_COMM

Hi to all

I’m calculating the speed of the wheels with encoders every 0.25 segs with my orangutan SV, the issue is that I need to graph this data and I’m trying to send the speed result via USB_COMM port to a PC, I read the manual but I don’t fully understand how it works, It is possible to send this value via USB_COMM with the:
Can you provide a small example about how can I send any data through USB_COMM for the sv? The example on the manual is for the 3pi and I read that should add the USB_COMM to all serial but its not working…

serial_send(USB_COMM, send_buffer, 11);

Any help is welcome!



The Orangutan SV does not have built-in support for USB, so it is not appropriate to be using the USB_COMM argument in the serial_send function. The USB_COMM argument is only for use on Orangutan controllers that have a virtual COM port and a USB connector (i.e. the Orangutan SVP and Orangutan X2). You can read more about this under the “Orangutan Serial Port Communication” section of our AVR library command reference.

How you are connecting your Orangutan SV to your computer?

- Zeeshan

Sorry, I missed the “P”, it is an Orangutan SVP 1284.


Thank you for clearing that up. Can you try modifying our Orangutan serial1 example code to have USB_COMM as the argument in all of the serial_send and serial_receive functions? The serial1 example code can be found under the “Orangutan Serial Port Communication Functions” section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library user’s guide. If that doesn’t work, could you tell me what software you are using on your computer to send and receive the serial data, including how you have it configured. Could you also send me a screenshot of your device manager showing me the entries for the Orangutan SVP?

- Zeeshan