Orangutan sv-328 keeps resetting

I have an sv 328 plugged into an old 1980s mobile armatron running 4 NiMH D batteries and everytime i run the wheels, which are hooked into the onboard motor controller, the sv-328 resets. I’m also having a problem getting my own code to drive both wheels, the demo will run both wheels, but if i use the set_motors(0, 0) command the left wheel will turn forward no matter what values, i use.


Your board is probably resetting because you are underpowering it, which puts it very close to the brownout threshold. Noise from the motors is probably enough to trigger the brownout. The input voltage on the SV-328 should be at least 6V; you are supplying it with a nominal 4.8V, and potentially closer to 4V if your batteries are low. Can you add two more cells?

- Ben

yeah, i think i can rig something up. I see a few solderpads near the motor outputs. Those wouldn’t happen to be for extra power would they.

Do you mean the two pins labeled + and GND by the terminal blocks? Yes, you can use those to connect power. And just to make sure you’re not misunderstanding my suggestion, I meant for you to add the two extra cells in series with your four existing cells to get comfortably above 6V.

- Ben

the 4 small pads on the other side of the blue connector under the lcd. I’m hoping for a separate powersource, because i already have a 12volt battery pack that takes AA batteries.

I don’t think I follow what you’re trying to do. Why can’t you connect your battery pack to the standard power inputs on the SV? Are you trying to keep your 4-cell pack as your motor supply voltage?

- Ben