Orangutan Programmer and Windows?

I have the Pololu Programmer I bought with the Orangutan controller.

I was probably 5 years ago?

I have loaded the drivers several times. I get it in the Devices as other device.

In the ports, I DO NOT get any added COM ports?

The Red Led blinks at about 1 sec rate?

I am using Win7, 64 Bits.

Thanks, any Ideas?


I have loaded drivers several times, but can’t get Ports (extra COM) to come up in Device Manager.
The Programmer does show up above as the Pololu Orangutan Serial Programmer, but no COM ports?

Win7 64Bit
Thanks for any help, Mike

Hello, more information.

I looked at the pictures of the present Programmer on Pololu site. My programmer has a Jumper
that I don’t see on the one for sale now. Maybe mine is older, different version?


Hello, Mike.

The Pololu Orangutan USB Programmer is quite old and has been discontinued. From your description, it looks like you might have installed the wrong drivers for your Orangutan USB programmer. You can find the drivers for your programmer (“CP2102 drivers for Windows”) under the “Resources” tab on its product page. Please see the “Getting Started Using Windows” section of the Pololu Orangutan USB Programmer User’s Guide for details on how to set up your programmer to work on your Windows machine.

As for your question about the red LED behavior you are seeing, the red LED indicates that your programmer is not connected to a target device or the target device is not powered. For more information, see the “LEDs” section under “Module Pinout and Components” in the user’s guide.

- Amanda