Orangutan - Power to Headers

On the Orangutan Quick Start Sheet, it says there are two jumpers to select how power is provided to the headers for PC0, PC1, PC2, PC3, and for PD0, PD1, PB6, PB7. My Orangutan came with nothing in the jumper holes, just two sets of three holes.

My original plan was to install two three-pin headers and use jumpers like you’d yank off an old hard drive to select how power is provided. But after your answer about the voltage regulator, another thought came to me. Before I burn anything up, I wanted to run the idea past you:

Go ahead and install the three-pin headers into the holes provided. The three pins on each jumper look like they’re:

Vcc Header Vbatt

By shorting Vcc to Header, you get Vcc on the header for those four I/O lines. Likewise for Vbatt.

So if I wanted to plug something in that took more than the voltage regulator on the Orangutan could supply, could I:

Get a 7805 and wire the V+ and Vout to a two-socket connector that would go to Vbatt and Header, respectively, on the Orangutan’s jumper block for that bank of I/O pins. Gnd would either be wired straight to battery ground, or would be wired to a single-pin connector that would go into the ground socket on one of the I/O headers?

I’m not sure if I explained that well at all. I’d try it in ASCII art, but my guess is that would be a disaster.

Let me know if this makes any sense, or if you need more description. Also let me know if this would work, or if I’m setting myself up to let the magic smoke out of something vital.




It sounds like you’re trying to connect the output of your regulator to the power pin on the I/O headers. That should be fine.

- Jan

Sweet! Sounds like I’ve got a plan, then. Thanks!