Orangutan LV-168 Robot Controller

I am using the Orangutan LV-168 to design a solar power based robot that uses capacitors to store the energy. I am having issues programing the LV_168 to just move forward, right, left, and back. All the examples given have a condition attached to them (such as potentiometer voltage). I just want to delay for a while under a light source in order to get charged, then move around a field. Could someone please help?


I don’t know what the BS2 current consumption is off the top of my head, but it’s likely that most controllers, including the Orangutans, will draw at least that much.

For the motors, the non-HP micro metal gearmotors might be a decent start if your robot is small. You’ll have to decide a gear ratio based on the wheel you’re using.

Exceeding the maximum input voltage of electronics will usually result in destruction of the device. (So make sure that’s not possible in your design–it would be funny but embarrassing for a solar robot to break because it was too sunny.)

- Jan