Orangutan Digital I/O


could you please tell me where to find an example code for using the digital I/O as high voltage output? i obly found an explanation how to assign it as an high voltage output (in section 4 of the user guide), but no example code for real usage.

let´s say i need to have a 5V impulse for 0.5 seconds on Pin3. could you tell me where i find such samples or could you post an example code?

thanks a lot!


You might consider looking at the Digital I/O functions section of the Orangutan’s user’s guide.

I am not sure what pin you mean by “Pin3”, however, depending on the controller you are using, an example of what you are looking for might look something like this:

#include <pololu/orangutan.h>

int main()
      set_digital_output(IO_D1, HIGH);
      set_digital_output(IO_D1, LOW);