Orangutan B 328 Motor Lib issue

Currently, I am trying to use Orangutan b 328 to control two motors with feedback from two pots. And the motor lib seems satisfies my requests. But, when I try to run he example in the lib, motor just whined and won’t rotate unless I set the variable motorspeed to be some certain value, in my case it is 10.

Actually, my problem is very similar to a posted one:

The author has given a solution. However, I don’t understand why this problem happened and how the capacitor could solve the problem.

I have tested the battery, it provided the proper voltage.
I tried to use both arduino and atmel studio to call the lib functions. Both failed.

Could you help me on this problem?



I do not think your problems are related. In general, it takes some minimum voltage to get a DC motor to start turning; in your case, that corresponds to a “speed” of 10. The whine you are hearing is probably the frequency of PWM generated by the motor driver.

- Jeremy

You are right. The power supplier I was using provided non-sufficient voltage. Problem solved. Thanks!