Orangutan B-328, digital sensor, LED and two motors

Hello! I’m use Baby Orangutan B-328 Robot Controller and two 120:1 Plastic Gearmotor 90-Degree Output and VID from USB computer.
This is my fist controller, please excuse the ignorance.
I can not run both engines at a speed above 50, they hoot and do not work. When i’m add LED and digital sensor they begin to operate at a speed of up to 50 intermittent.
What am I doing wrong?


What are you using for your power supply? What is your “digital sensor” and how are you connecting your LED?

- Ben

power supply is the USB port from notebook
Pololu Carrier Distance Sensor 10cm
LED connected to GND and PD1

You cannot get a lot of current from USB, which makes it generally insufficient for powering motors or servos. I expect your problem will go away if you use an appropriate power supply. Also, you are risking damage to your Orangutan by using your LED without an appropriate current-limiting resistor (right now you are just shorting PD1 to ground through the LED). You might find this simple LED circuit blog entry helpful.

- Ben

Thank you! What can I use as a standalone power source?

The ideal choice really depends on your application, but you might consider a rechargeable 6V battery pack or a 6-cell battery holder with AAA alkaline cells or rechargeable NiMH cells. You could also look for a regulated 5V or 6V wall-wart-style power adapter that can deliver at least 2 A (you might be able to barely get by with 1 A if you keep the load on your motors low), or you could try a bench-top or computer power supply.

- Ben