Orangutan and VNH2SP30


I have an orangutan and baby-o. I am using orangutan-lib. The code seem straightforward. I am confused with the wiring connection from the orangutan to the VNH2SP30.

I have 12v battery power going into VNH2SP30. Then I have OUTA/B going to the motor wires. If I want to use PWM from o-lib, do I connect any pinout from the orangutan to the VNH2SP30? And what of the INA/INB? and the power and the ground? Are those all from the orangutan as well?


Can this diagram get translated for the orangutan and motor controller? If I had this wiring, my initial questions are answered.

pololu.com/picture/thumbnail … g?size=600



The diagram you’re referring to is for a motor controller that has a serial interface; the corresponding VNH2SP30 version is the TReX.

Using the VH2SP30 motor driver (rather than a whole motor controller) will require you to generate your own PWM signals, which isn’t supported by the Orangutan library you are referring to (the PWM there is for internal signals going to the on-board H-bridges). With the hardware you have, your options are to generate software PWM on some of the general-purpose I/O lines or to tap into the lines used for the on-board motor drivers. The LB1836 motor driver chip has relatively large lead spacing for a surface-mount component, so its leads might be the most accessible location for the signals.

- Jan

ok got it. thanks!


Sorry to be such a dummy with this stuff…

I have gone through all the datasheets. I have a baby-o, orangutan, and the vnh2sp30. I would like to use the baby-o to interface to the vnh, and the orangutan-lib. I have one motor and it will only move one direction.

For the LB1836 onboard the baby-o, holding IN2 to 0 and twiddling IN1 with PWM gets forward direction.

The VNH datasheet has a truth table for INa INb to control direction and then it has a PWM input. If I hold INa high and INb low, clockwise direction is selected. If tie INa to Vin and INb to GND, I get this. I’m thinking of jumpering from LB1836 IN1 to VNH PWM. VNH Vin gets Baby-O Vin, VNH GND gets Baby-O GND. And then I should be able to use baby-o and this wiring between the baby-o and VNH and have a one direction speed controller.

Before I zap myself, looking for confirmation or denial of my plan.


That generally sounds right, except that Vin is a high voltage (your 6-16V motor supply), and your high signal level should be 5V. You can get that off of the Vcc pin on the Baby Orangutan.

- Jan

great! looking forward to getting home and trying it all out… thanks!