Oranagutan B-328 inqueries

I have recently bought an Orangutan B-328 robot controller and I have some questions regarding how to use it. It will be of great help if you guys answered my queries :smiley:

  1. For controlling two 6v motors with the B-328 how much voltage do I need to feed in the Vin pin?
  2. I am thinking of using these pololu micrometal gearmotor pair https://www.pololu.com/product/998. Would that be a problem for the motor driver to handle the motors since its key aspects are at 6V: 625 RPM and 100 mA free-run, 15 oz-in (1.1 kg-cm) and 1.6 A stall each.
  3. I have no idea how to reset the robot controller while running. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


To run the motors at their rated voltage, you would supply VIN with 6V, however there might be situations where you would run the motor at higher or lower voltages. The input voltage for VIN on the Baby Orangutan is 5V to 13.5V.

We do not recommend using the Baby Orangutan with the high-power micro metal gearmotors, since the full stall current of the motor is likely to damage the motor driver. Our medium power motors could work OK.

There is a reset pin (PC6) that can be pulled low to reset the microcontroller. You can find information like this in the Baby Orangutan Userโ€™s Guide, which can be found on the Resouces tab of the product page.