Options for mounting MinIMU-9 v5

Hello Pololu forum,

I’m not sure if this question is answerable or not, but I thought I’d give it a shot:

I am interested in attaching the MinIMU-9 v5 to fabric for a wearable project. Currently, I’m just using a few loops of thread, but since there’s only one mounting hole, this doesn’t result in very secure attachment. I’m wondering if it might be considered safe/reasonable to use some kind of double sided tape or other adhesive to secure the back of the sensor to the fabric.

Thanks in advance!


We generally expect double-sided tape to work for mounting electronics since the tape is not usually conductive. Also, not all of the pins on the MinIMU need to be connected in order for it to work, so you might also consider using them as mounting options. For example, SA0 is used to determine the I²C slave addresses of the two ICs, and if you are not using multiple MinIMUs or otherwise have other devices in your system with conflicting I²C addresses, you do not need to do anything with this pin. Also, you should only be connecting power to the MinIMU through VIN or VDD, but not both.


Thanks for the quick response – that’s a good point about the unused pins. It sounds like even standard cellophane tape (e.g., 3M Scotch tape) would be acceptable?

Cellophane tape could be okay, though in our experience some cellophane tapes can be prone to building up static. So, you might be especially careful about ensuring safe ESD practices when working with that kind of tape.


Apologies for the somewhat delayed follow-up: I was wondering if I could ask what alternative tapes might be safer (if you know of any)? I’m not looking for a super-strong hold – something that is still to some extent removable might be better.

Thanks again!

Several of us here like to use double-sided foam mounting tape for our robots. (Note that there are double-sided tapes out there that are cellophane-based, which is something you would probably want to avoid since cellophane is prone to building up static.)