Options for debuging Orangutan


I am relatively new to coding controllers and most of my experience is in developing .net projects - so I apologise if this is a straight forward questions that has already been answered.

Basically - I would like to know what the options are for debugging the code that is written?

The studio environment 6.1 allows you to create break-points but I now understand that this is not really possible with the controllers. So what are the options for debugging the code?

Is it possible to step through the code
Are there simulators or similar where you could execute code and step through code?
How would you achieve the equivalent of a debug.writeline (.net)

I image for simple programs this is not as much of an issue - but as the code base grows I could imagine having an effective way to see how your code is working will become critical.

Your advice on the easiest and best options would be much appreciated


Which Orangutan controller are you using? I do not know of any simulators, but we typically use an LCD, serial communication, indicator LEDs, or buzzers to help debug and troubleshoot what our code is doing. If you are new to programmable controllers, I suggest writing and debugging your program in chunks.


I am using the baby orangutan and also have a sv 328p. I also have your vat programmer so I Guess serial is the best way to go.