Optical Encoder 5V + 30:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor HP

I’m making a line follower , and I use 4 engines pololu 30:1 , I will use 2 on each side of MATCHED . I have a Shield to control the motors based on L298N chip .

My question is this , I bought one pair of optical encoders pololu as robocore not found in the store , I’ll put the direct link pololu - > pololu.com/product/2590 .

Hence my doubt arose in this specification encoder , ( I already have here) , says he operates with a voltage up to 5V , however , I will use an external battery to power the motor which is a 2-cell 1350mAh LiPo , and tension it is 7.4V and another battery for the arduino .

These encoders go straight pins motor power , as shown in this photo pololu.com/picture/view/0J4763 , motors operate at 9V and 6 , how to proceed in this case , since the encoders are direct soldiers on the engine ?

My question is the following , these encoders can burn the battery voltage with the engine or they have an internal resistor for this? or else they have pinout to connect the encoder motors separately , ie , the power of the engines go to the entrance of the engines in the Shield and encoder , 5V on the arduino ?

Sorry for english.


M1 and M2 on that board connect directly to the motor terminals, and VCC and GND are used for the sensors on the board. So, you could connect a higher voltage power supply for your gearmotors to M1 and M2, and use your Arduino’s regulated 5V output to power the encoders. You can see this more clearly in the following picture, which is on that product’s page:

Those connections are further described under the “Pinout and Installation” section of that sensor’s product page.