Operating travel of HD-1800A

Question (1) Data sheet of HD-1800A states that operating travel is 90 degree and maximum travel is approx 165 degree. In my application, I need a range of ~100 degree. In this range of 100 degree, will still control specification be valid?

Question (2) assuming operation of travel is 90 degree what is the grantee life cycles for HD-1800A?


  1. The 90 degree operating range of the servo corresponds to the 1000 - 2000 microsecond range which is the typical output range of most hobby RC controllers. The larger 165 degree maximum travel range is for controllers that can send a wider range of signals (in this case 800 - 2200 micro seconds according to the datasheet).

  2. We do not have lifetime data for those servos. The lifetime can be affected by many different factors and is not something that is usually characterized for hobby servos.