Operating sistem of the ' basic stemp'

Hello to ‘popolu team’ .

As a beginner ,
I would like to aske 2 questions about ’ Parallax BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit - USB #27807

  1. wich operating system does it work on ? , does it work on ‘windows’ ? , and if it does work on - what verssion do I have to have on my computer : xp, windows - 5, 8 , 10, … or whatever ?

  2. Does ‘PBASIC’ programming language , similar (more or less) to ‘gwbasic’ or ’ Qbasic ’ ?

Thank you
yolat .

Hello, Yolat .

Thank you for your interest in the Parallax BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit. The BASIC Stamp software is Windows compatible, but I do not see a list showing all the versions of Windows it is compatible with. You might contact Parallax directly to see if there are versions of Windows it does not support:

The PBASIC language is similar to other versions of basic, so you should not have too much trouble adjusting if you are familiar with some version of Basic.


Hello Derrill.

Thank you for sending me the information i asked for.

I’m sorry for sending you twice , the same information request.