Operating motors at 12VDC


While I am debugging my program on the SVP 1284, I will be powering the controller with a 12VDC supply.

I assume that means the motors that I connect to the controller board will also run at 12VDC.

My question is, will this damage the motors? I will not be running them for a long period of time. And during actual operation (after debug is complete) I will power the system with batteries (~6V).



You didn’t say what motors you’re using. If they’re 6V motors, they’ll probably survive for a while at 12V, especially if there isn’t much load. It would probably help a bit to keep the speed below half when powering from 12V.

- Jan

Sorry for the omission.

I am using these motors (Pololu 30:1 Micro Metal gearmotors)


So it sounds like I will be OK.

We run those on the 3pi robots at over 9V, and they seem to hold up fine.

- Jan