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OOPIC-C Replacement

Hope some one can help.

Some years ago i built an ATR Rover from SDR Robotics. its an indepenant all wheel drive rover with dome mounted wireless camera.

i had it rigged with a wet bridge converting wireless signals into rs232 protocol. this inturn plugged into an ipocket ethernet to serial converter that plugged into the oopic controller. after a lot of configuration this enabled me to control the rover over the www at different locations via normal wifi.

well the controller finally blew and after many years away from robotics there seems to be a dazzling array of choices of controllers any more simple wifi hook up methods. ive done much reading but cant come to a conclusion about what to do.

given the above requirements is there something people would suggest? an onboard wifi router is preferable so i can control the microprocessor and wifi camera.

is there a combo board assembly that people could suggest that will enable this. the motors are pulse modulated.

budget not a huge issue.

my java and c are also a little rusty so something relativley easy to program…

any suggestions most welcome


I deleted two of your duplicate posts and moved one to the general robotics/electronics discussion forum about wireless and radio. Please do not make the same post in multiple forums.

- Ryan

You mentioned a lot of interfaces in one sentence, so I cannot get a good picture of what your setup was. Could you draw some block diagrams that have the connection interface name between the blocks and the name of the device in the block? Also, can you label which block(s) you are trying to replace?

- Ryan