Only5 - General Purpose high performance robot

Its a robot based on polulu components, it is not optimized for anything but its is capable of taking on most robotic competitions tasks and excelling at them.
Eagle files and other documents should be available in the next article.

Some features -

Dedicated Encoder interface
Easy XBEE connectivity
Seprate 5V rail fro servos and sensors
Some other minor addons

Hi polulu , im from roboticsindia and had mailed you last month,but sadly HK has still not delivered my LiPo battries else would have posted this earlier(right now on Lition batteries).

Cool robot! From the video, your robot looks very fast. I’d like to see how fast it can follow a line.


The final Build Documentation - … -using-PID

Also following a line , Need a bigger course to show speed :slight_smile:

All the work was done within an hour or so , You guys have awesome documentation and product :slight_smile: .