Onewire debugging

I just got a Orangutan for a friend I am going to put a simple program in, but since I have designed about 8 mega88 boards I plan to use my normal mode of debug, which is to use the JTAG MKII and onewire debugging.

It appears that I’ll have to remove the cap on the reset line, and also I have seen trouble with just a 10k pullup on the reset line so I’ll change that to a 20k.

Is that all I need to do?

Also, where is the demo code located that was programmed into the board as delivered?

P.S. Sometimes a 10k pullup will not interfere with one-wire debugging, and sometimes it will. I find a 20k is much more reliable.


Removing the capacitor and changing the pullup should be the only two changes you’ll need to make. The program pre-loaded onto the Orangutan is what we use to test the board before it ships. We don’t make this code public, both because it’s fairly ugly and because it’s highly customized for the specific test rig we use, which would make it of limited value to the user. If you’re looking for some code examples and libraries, I suggest you take a look at Orangutan-lib on Sourceforge.

- Ben