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Onboard push button not working

I’m trying to wire up a circuit to supply 5V power to a portable PC stick - I thought to test the power switch with the battery to begin with, to ensure it works correctly before wiring everything else.

Attached is the 2 x LiPo batteries wired in a series to provide 8.4V, which is connected to a BMS module, which is then connected to the mini push button power switch - LV.

Unfortunately whenever the button is pressed on the power switch it does nothing, and power is still supplied to VOUT regardless.

Just checking if this is wired up correctly or if I have a faulty switch, before I go about desoldering and doing testing on the switch itself.



Your connections to the [LV pushbutton power switch] and regulator look correct, but, at least from the top view in your picture, it seems like there might not be enough solder. Ideally, you should see solder flow through the holes in the pads and fill them. Could you try adding more solder?

If that does not make a difference, could you try measuring the voltage on the output of your BMS module and if possible powering the switch directly rather than through the BMS?