Old Baby Orangutan

I am having allot of difficulty in finding a Baby Orangutan B (the new version) for sale in the UK. The only Baby Orangutan that I have found so far was the old one which is on sale from Technobotics. Where can I get a Baby Orangutan b in the UK?

If I cannot find one then I have these questions:
What are the limitations of the old one in comparison to the new one?
Is the old Baby Orangutan compatible with he pololu AVR library?


It doesn’t look like any of our UK distributors carry the newer Baby Orangutan B. You can purchase it directly from us (with a programmer), or you could try contacting some of our UK distributors to request that they start carrying it.

The old Baby Orangutan is not compatible with the Pololu AVR library, but it is supported by a customer-written library called Orangutan-lib. The Baby Orangutan B has better motor drivers, more memory (if you get the B-328 version), and has its I/O lines connected to the integrated hardware in a way that allows it to be used more effectively than on the original Baby Orangutan.

- Ben