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Not seeing the wixel in the configuration utility

With a new wixel I connected to the configuration utility. I then downloaded the example app that blinks the red led. I then hit the stop app button on the utility, then hit start app. Now I can’t see the wixel in the configuration. I connected the 3v3 to the p2_2 to put it in bootloader and still can’t see it. Windows errors out when I connect the usb saying, “The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it.”

The program still blinks the red led when I plug it in without connecting the 3v3 to p2_2, and has a solid yellow led when those are connected.

Thanks for any help.


That error message indicates that there is a pretty low-level error with the USB communication, but Windows still detects the device. Usually that means either the USB D- pin is broken, or there are serious bugs in the program running on the device (which seems unlikely if you only loaded the blink example). Can you inspect your USB cable connector and the USB connector on the Wixel for damage? If you have another Wixel available, could you try using that with the same USB cable and USB port to see if Windows recognizes it?

- Patrick