Not recommended for new design

Is there a way to filter out devices that are ‘not recommended for new design’? Everything I hit in the servos is marked such

I don’t see any easy way to filter in the pololu website. Maybe they are working on it…


Unfortunately, we do not currently have a way to filter out products with a specific status, but it is on our to-do list.

We are phasing out our servo from PowerHD, so all of the remaining PowerHD servos we carry are marked as “Not recommended for new designs”. We are continuing to stock FEETECH servos, and we have FEETECH alternatives for most of the Power HD ones.

If you can post the models you are interested in (or what requirements you have), I might be able to offer some suggestions.


Ok thanks . I was looking for a reasonably priced ‘power-micro’ - so a trifecta of tradeoffs. ~10g and ~2kg-cm torque would be fine for a start. I found one (the FS90) that looks reasonable and at $5 I’m willing to gamble

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