Not loading new program

Ok having a problem with uploading my program onto the orangutan svp board I have been using Atmel Studios. I have installed all the drivers for the board and my computer recognizes the board but when I go to build it I can’t upload the program onto the board. I am using a new computer running windows 8 not sure on all the problems but trying to find out what else I need to do to get Atmel studios to upload my program.

Hello. I am sorry you are having trouble with the Orangutan SVP. If you configure everything correctly, you should be able to save, build, and upload to the SVP by simply pressing the F5 key in Atmel Studio.

It would help if you give me all the details about what you are doing, along with screenshots. What version of Atmel Studio do you have? When you “go to build” what keys or buttons are you pressing? What COM port is the Orangutan SVP’s Programming Port assigned to, as shown in the Device Manager? This needs to be one of COM1-COM9 and it needs to match the COM port listed for the STK500 in Atmel Studio, which you can see by under “View > Available Atmel Tools”. You should make sure there is only one STK500 in that list. What kind of Atmel Studio project do you have and what template did you use to create it?

When you press F5, Atmel Studio gives you very little feedback about the programming being successful, so maybe it did succeed but you didn’t notice. What makes you think it is not working?

If you continue to have trouble, please carefully read the “Setting Up Your Programmer” and “Compiling an Example Program” sections of the Pololu AVR Programming Quick Start Guide: