Noobie q: where's the SWT?


I just received my first Orangutan and Pololu USB programmer. Installed the USB programmer’s XP software driver, powered up the Orangutan with a 9V battery connection with a 2-pin connector, and bam, it’s displaying the test program on the LCD. Green light on the programmer comes on indicating non-error condition. Great. I’m stoked.

But then it asks me to “Push SW3”, “Push SW4”, “Push SW5”, and then “Push SWT”. I push SW3, SW4, and SW5 but I cannot find an SWT switch. It’s not on the green board and not in the quick-start schematic. Also, only one (unhelpful) post shows up on the forums with keyword swt or SWT.

What is the SWT and where is the documentation for it along with the test program?



The SWT is referring to a switch that is on our test rig. The program that comes preloaded on your Orangutan is the one we use to make sure all of it works, so it’s not something we release or document.

- Jan

Thanks Jan, I appreciate you getting back quickly. Glad to know I wasn’t missing anything. I’ll continue digging in and learning.