Noob trying to make paddle shifter for dune buggy

Hey guys trying to figure out how to do something like this Just trying to figure out what components i need. Would like to do without the batteries and just use 12V input. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


From the video, I can’t tell very well, but this looks a lot like the shifting system on a bicycle. Here is a forum post about someone working out some of the details for making an electronic bicycle shifter:

If you want to power it off the 12V battery, you will need a voltage regulator (probably a linear regulator) that can regulate the voltage down to servo voltage level (4 to 6 volts depending on the servo) and can deliver enough power to actuate the servo.

This project looks like it could be pretty dangerous. Do you have plans for some kind of safety override if the electronics fail?

- Ryan

My safety measures are the cluck and the break. Don’t really see how it could go all toyota on my ass in any way. Thanks man.

Looks to me like he would have required the following:

  • Voltage regulator (for servo, unless the battery was an appropriate voltage)
  • Microcontroller (for the smarts)
  • Heavy duty servo
  • POT (to monitor the clutch position)
  • 2xMicro Switches
  • 2xPressure sensors (to decide up or down gear)

His clutch was still connected mechanically by the look of it too.

If you want a paddle shifter, then it sounds like you want to control the clutch automatically too, so your system would be much more complicated. You would also need something pretty heavy duty to operate a clutch. Also, what type of engine do you have in you buggy? It may require more than one actuator if it’s not a motorbike engine (do you have a H-patern shifter?).
You will need to write a program for a microcontroller too, do you have experience doing this?
Possible ciruit design, etc.
Much more info is needed if you want a detailed answer. Let us know exactly what you’re doing, and we might be able to help.