No current being drawn by Parallex 360 when being commanded by Micro Maestro servo controller

I’ve recently bought the Parallex Feedback 360 servo and the micro maestro 6-channel servo controller and I’m having issues getting an actual response from the servo. The maestro board is being powered by USB and I’ve supplied 6 V to the servo’s Vin and Ground pins from a standard bench-top DC power supply. When connected to the PC, the green LED on the micro lights up appropriately and I can see the device on the control center. When I enable the specific channel in the control center software the yellow LED flashes correctly but for some reason the servo doesn’t react to any of the slider motions that I make on the control center.

The micro board does not accommodate the feedback signal (yellow wire) so I have left it unplugged.

I have checked the pins corresponding to servo power and ground using a multimeter and the voltage checks out. I will continue to debug as best I can but would appreciate any troubleshooting hints or advice dealing with this issue.


Thank you for posting pictures and providing the detailed description of what you’ve tried. I do not see any obvious problems with your setup. It might seem silly, but could you confirm that you are moving the slider for channel 5 in the Maestro Control Center? You might try moving it to a different channel, too.

Did you ever connect the power to the servo power rail or the servo header backwards? Also, you might check to make sure your power supply’s current limit is not set too low.