Next Wixel enhancement request - Bluetooth Low Energy

I saw that TI announced their new CC2541 that includes the radio like the current Wixel, but also includes BLE (4.0). I’d love to see BLE on one of these things. Fantastic potential here since the new smartphones like the iPhone support BLE and you can develop apps that can communicate over BLE without any additional licensing etc. Free. Further BLE is very very cool from a power perspective.

Would love to see a Wixel based on CC2541.

Thanks for looking!

Hello, pounce!

Thanks for letting us know about the CC2451. It would be pretty cool to make robots that can talk directly to your phone using it. Unfortunately, it’s not pin compatible with the CC2511, and in fact it seems to be a bigger and more complicated part. Also, the Bluetooth software stack available for it is closed source, and unlikely to work with SDCC.

Maybe there will be an affordable development board for the CC2451 some day, but you can always just use a RN-41 Bluetooth Module Carrier if you want to add bluetooth to your projects.



I look forward to a Bluetooth 4 product. Different animal from the RN-4x.

Here are two breakouts using the CC2540: … rgy_module

Consider that a BLE enabled sensor could run for a couple of years on a coin cell sending BLE data to another BLE endpoint every minute…and you can see how exciting some products could be… :slight_smile: