Newbie Question

Hello All,

I am looking for some help. First off, total newbie but I am assuming with premade components and some help, I can get this idea started.

All I am looking to do is mimic hand movement. Imaging using a joystick (like from a game) to make some movement, perhaps forward, then backwards, then to the right. Then I wish to make ( and I think I am using the terms incorrectly) the servo mimic that motion. How can I start doing this? Also I would really rather use C# than C++ if possible. Right now, cost isn’t an issue.

Also any books how what components do? How they connect?

Please email me at rkrausse[at]consiliumsoft[dot]com

If all you want to do is make a single servo move via joystick control, try using a micro maestro servo controller linked to an analog component such as a potentiometer. In terms of books, there are many low cost electronics books you can buy at your local radio shack.