Newbie question

I want to control two motors and will probably use the SV-324 as it does 2 x 1 amp output with an lcd.

I need the motors to stop at 6 to 12 positions - 0 degrees 30 60 etc with a 1 -2 degree of accuracy.

what type motors do you suggest and what other parts do I need to get it together ?

I will need low rpm and be able to rotate about 5 lbs

thanks for input


Do you actually need to perform complete revolutions or would a servo suffice? Obtaining that level of positional accuracy would be much easier with a servo.

Can you tell me more about your project? Are you familiar with C programming and embedded electronics?

- Ben


I need positioning with about 2-3 degrees or so - I want to control a sign that rotates like a clock so it will spin either 360 degrees several times - or possibly from 10 to 2 pm and back and forth etc. Similar ot getting a moving robot to go exactly 1 revolution or back and forth 1/4 revolution.

Further question- if I need a larger torque motor past 12volts -1 amp - do I need something called an "H bridge ? "

Also - will be out to Vegas possibly mid January 11 -13th - would it be convenient to call to set up an appointment ?



If you don’t need to do a complete revolution, I’d recommend you use a servo. If you do need to perform complete revolutions, I’d recommend either a motor with an encoder or a stepper motor. In general, you need to use an H-bridge if you want bidirectional control of a DC motor. Our Orangutan robot controllers have integrated dual (two-channel) motor drivers (H-bridges).

What would the appointment be for? If you can time your trip to be out here on Thursday, January 7th, you could attend an LV Bots meeting, which is held from 7 - 9pm at Pololu.

- Ben

will be out probably the week of the 11th -15th ( january ) . Would like to discuss if your Orangatan controller would be right product for us to use - or possibly re- enjineer for a b to b commercial item we are developing.

Initial units will be 5 -10 for QA testing and sales calls then roll out depending on sales could be 5 -10K yearly

Item is not robot related but I find that developed consumer modules are easier / lower cost products to design in some times.

rgds julius rosen

352 638 9180

Hi, Jules.

I tried calling but I guess I missed you; you should call next week to discuss your project. If what you need is a motor controller with an LCD, it won’t make too much sense to use the Orangutan SVP for an item you’ll need thousands of. We’ll need to know what motor and sensor you’re using, and you should be ready to discuss your other constraints (e.g. size, lead time, unit price).

- Jan

tks - will call monday …