Newbie Question Meastro 24

I have a Newbie question. How can I switch off die Motorpulses. I will switch of the permanent controll of the position.
I look for a programmcode that do the following:

Rotate to position 5000
delay 3000
switch off the controll (the Pulses, (the Motorforce))

Thanks for help


I am not entirely sure I understand what you are asking about, but it sounds like you want to command the Maestro to disconnect power to your servos and stop sending it servo pulses. The Maestro cannot directly toggle the power to the servo power rails on the board, so if you want that feature you might consider using an external circuit, like one of our RC Switches.

You can stop sending a servo pulses by sending it a target position of “0”. For example:

begin 5000 1 servo # set servo 1 to position = 1250 us 3000 delay # delay for 3 seconds 0 1 servo # stop sending servo pulses to servo 1 3000 delay # delay for 3 seconds repeat