[Newbie-Question] Maestro 12 - Startup?

Hi folks!

i’ve bought a maestro 12 - Channel Servo Board. I’m realy electronics affine - mainly i’m a softwaredeveloper (not the best electrician :slight_smile: ). That’s the reason why i bought a maestro 12-channel board.

But my problem is i put the usb-cable at the board and it’s work fine. Maestro Control Center show the connected board. Ok looks good, now i’ve stick a mini-servo on channel 0 and try to run this script:

begin 8000 0 servo 500 delay 4000 0 servo 500 delay repeat

servo 0 do nothing… no error’s there and no red led. No information about the failure.
now my question: is it important to have batteries to use the board or is the usb-voltage enough? could not find information about this or a solution.

thanks for help and greetings from germany
joerg :wink:

Hello, Joerg,

It sounds like you do not have a separate power supply for your servos, which is required; the USB connection only powers the logic on the Maestro, and the servo power is completely separate. Section 1.b of the Maestro user’s guide describes the necessary connections.

By the way, once you have the right power connections, you can use the sliders on the Status tab of the Maestro Control Center to try moving your servos; that way, you will know that it is not a problem with your script that is causing the servos to be unresponsive.

- Kevin

thanks for the reply. now i know my mistake! i will buy a battery pack for the servo power.

Have a nice weekend,