Newbie project question - Mini Maestro 18 Scripting

My team and I got a Mini Maestro 18 for our project, but now I’m struggling with how I’d want to make it do what I want.

So, I have a wireless receiver for a remote that should output a PWM signal from the remote based on if it’s throttled or not. I want to either a) pass this signal through the controller and directly to the servo or b) read the signal, and give the motor specific commands based on it. I was having trouble figuring out how to do either in the standard Maestro scripting language and was considering using an alternative language or library, but I would like this to be able to work with just the onboard memory and not have to be attached via USB to a computer.

Am I correct in assuming that if I use something like C on the controller, it would have to remain connected to the computer? Or alternatively, is what I want to do reasonably possible with the Maestro scripting language?


Can you clarify what kind of PWM signal you are referring to? It sounds like you might be referring to a standard RC servo signal. If that is the case, please note that the Maestro cannot accept RC signals as inputs. However, if you are looking to use that signal to trigger movements from the Maestro, you could use something like our RC switch with digital output to convert an RC servo signal into a digital high/low signal that a Maestro channel can read.