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Newbie needs wireless help

I am currently experimenting with the pololu 18v15 simple motor controller. I’m using the analog inputs and driving the motor with a joystick. My final design will use 2 motor controller with joystick for simple forward and revers control of each motor. I would love to be able to control the 18v15 with my joystick wireless via serial command transmission. I cannot use a simple r/c controller. I have designed my control box with the joystick and need to get the signal to the motor controller with a transmitter and receiver package. Maybe the XBee.

Can anyone help point me in the right direct as to what I might need to start my project? I know I need more hardware but if anyone has done this before and be willing to help I can pay for your services.

I also would like to control a micro maestro with a potentiometer wireless as well.

Again, anyone who has done this or can help with the design and coding I will be glad to pay for your time.


Huh…this is right in the line of what I am doing currently. I have a cheap helicopter for which I have designed the r/c controls. For a radio, I am using the nrf24L01+ rf chip, which is available all set up on a board for somewhere between $1.25 and $3.00 on Ebay. So, then you interface to the radio using serial or SPI and can talk back and forth at up to 2 mbits. The radios are in the 2.4 ghz range so no license is needed. Can’t get much simpler than that.