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Newbie C# question Micro Maestro 6

Hi all
I am a beginner with C # and using a Micro Maestro 6.
I am studying for the use of the MaestroEasyExample program to control a motor device on channel number 1.
Despite my best efforts, the program only works with Channel 0.
Can you suggest me?

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you are referring to the “MaestroEasyExample” from the Pololu USB Software Development Kit. The first argument of the TrySetTarget() function in that program specifies the channel number. If changing that is not working for you, can you post your full modified code?

Also, can you be more specific about what you are trying to control (i.e. what is your “motor device on channel number 1”)? Are you sure it works with standard servo signals?


Hi Brandon
Thanks for your help.
I am studying C # with the Pololu systems for studying.
I’m trying to figure out the “MaestroEasyExample” for creating my own software.
Currently the program does not work with changing channel 1 “TrySetTarget ()”.
Any advice will be welcomed to help me.
I have some difficulty understanding the C # commands for the Pololu boards.
Thanks in advance

Please answer the questions and post the information I asked for in my previous post.

Additionally, can you include the steps you are taking after changing the code to re-compile and run it?


Sorry Brandon
I am trying to use 2 MG996R servomotors on channels 0 and 1.
I don’t have my code right now, I’m trying to use “MaestroEasyExample” from [Pololu USB Software Development Kit

Please post your modified code once you are able to access it, as well as the list of steps you took to recompile and run your program.

If you have access to the rest of your system in the meantime, could you try moving your servos on channels 0 and 1 with the Maestro Control Center software?


With Maestro Control Center software all 6Channels work fine.

For example, when I edit MaestroEasyExample

 void Button1000_Click (sender object, EventArgs e)
            TrySetTarget (1, 1000 * 4); // Set the channel target from 0 to 1000 microseconds.

channel 1 does not work.
And the others channels dosn’t works too.
Works channel 0 only.

There are some c# documents or only SDK example?

The examples in the SDK, as well as the comments in the SDK source code serve as the documentation for it; we do not have a separate resource for it.

The snippet of code you posted looks okay, but to help I really need to see the full modified code as well as a list of steps you took to compile and run your code.


Hi Brandon

I understood wher was the problem.
If i use the maestro Control Center, the board maintein the setup for “MaestroEasyExample” too.
I’m studing how implement a “Setting menu”, but is not simple.
I can not find the way with the SDK examples.
Have you some advice?
Thanks in advance

It is not clear what kind of settings you are trying to change from your menu, but if all you’ve looked at in the SDK is the examples, you might try looking through the Usc class. As I mentioned previously, there are comments in the source code to help serve as documentation for it. However, please note that you should be careful changing settings that are stored in the Maestro’s EEPROM since it is rated for 100,000 erase/write cycles; rapidly changing them in a program could potentially reach that limit quickly.

If you have problems with something in particular and can be more specific with your question, I can try to offer some more helpful advice.


Thanks Brandon

I’d explain what i see.
For example, if i set Channel 1 in Input with Maestro Control Center, close this program end i open MaestroEasyExample, the Channel 1 remain in Input.
The MaestroEasyExample don’t reset the Device.
I’m trying to implement menu for manage the Board setup, like Maestro Control Center.
But is not simple.
I’ll study Usc class like you advice.

Thanks for help