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New version of AVR Library: ATmega328P support, encoders


We have put up a new version of the Pololu AVR Library with support for the ATmega328P, which makes it easier to develop code for the Baby Orangutan B-328. Support for the B-48 should be much better now, as well, since the library is compiled separately for each microcontroller.

The library includes a new set of functions for using the Pololu Wheel Encoders, using pin-change interrupts for high-speed, accurate counting. We have not added support for servos to the library in any way, but we now include an example program showing how you can control 8 servos at the same time with an SV-168 or Baby Orangutan. There is now a convenient function for measuring the battery voltage on the SV-168, and we fixed a slight error in the serial baud rate formula that caused problems at 115.2 kbaud.

You can download it directly here. Please let us know if you encounter any problems or have suggestions for new features. Thanks,